Meet the Teacher – Slideshows

Thanks to all that came out last night, here are the slides from last night. Please make sure to watch the video in the ELA slides and make sure to note the apps for your child to download in the SS slides.


ELA/SS Update for July 24th-28th

ELA Homework
Monday – none
Tuesday – With the text “The Hero’s Journey,” add to recording form for Introduction and Act 1; do a first draft read of the rest of the text and take gist notes. (The Hero’s Journey is in your workbook in lesson 8)
Wednesday – First draft reading of Chapter 5 in The Lightning Thief
Thursday – First draft read of Chapter 6: “I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom”
Friday – none

SS Homework
Study for Five Themes Open Note Assessment on Friday (Study Guide for 5 Themes)
Make sure you have joined Google classroom for ELA and SS (Mr. Miller has codes posted in his room)

ELA/SS Update for July 17th-21st

ELA Homework
(all work is due the following day before class)
Monday – First draft read of Chapter 2: “Three Old Ladies Knit the Socks of Death”
Tuesday – Do a first draft read of Chapter 3 and fill out Purpose for Reading Page 15 – Given by Mr. Miller – Quiz for Chapter 3
Wednesday – First draft read of Chapter 4 “My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting”
Thursday – Reread favorite section of The Lightning Thief and use Finding Words with Prefixes recording form (in your workbook)
Friday – Catch up on reading, or reread favorite sections.

Social Studies Homework
Due FridayThe Six Essential Elements of Geography

Practicing Latitude and Longitude Games:

We had a great first week. A couple reminders for your child:

  1. Remember to always bring your Lightning Thief book home and to class.
  2. Remember to never leave your workbook at home (we need it for class)
  3. Please make sure to purchase school supplies on the list or let me know if your child needs some. You can email me on this website.
  4. Sign up for updates on this website, you can sign up on the upper right to get these updates as soon as I send them straight to your email.